Welcome to Hillcrest Kennels & Cattery Water Orton – VIP Care & Service at our Boarding Kennels & Cattery

As dog and cat owners ourselves, one of the things we have always found hardest about pet ownership is finding the right place/people to care for our animals when we were unable to for whatever reason. We wanted them to be cared for in an environment which was as close to what they were used to at home as is possible, where they could enjoy maximum time outside of their pens, and where they would receive plenty of individual fuss and attention. It was with this in mind that we decided to create Hillcrest Kennels and Cattery.

We understand that being away from their own home can be very distressing for pets and so our intention was to create an environment where the animals in our care would have as stress free a transition from their own home as possible. We aim to give all our dogs lots of outdoor time in secure exercise areas as well as time with staff in the reception area and plenty of playtime and cuddles! The cats in our care have plenty of opportunity for fuss and cuddles with staff too if they so choose, although we respect the fact that for some cats a little space and privacy is what they need most!

We tend to all our animals needs on an individual basis and welcome any tips you would like to share with us about your pets particular quirks and preferences when you book in.

We love the opportunity to show people round our facilities so do feel free to pop in and meet us before you book your pet in for his/her holiday.

Hillcrest Boarding Kennels and Cattery
Hillcrest Farm
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Water Orton
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